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              PVC Conduit Pipe

              PVC Conduit Pipe


              Main extruder is conical twin screw extruder, there two options for choosing machinery: two cavity pipe extrusion line and four cavity pipe extrusion line; in this complete production line can equipe online pipe socket/belling machine.

              The complete production line can equipe pipe socket / belling machine online. U type socket/ belling.

              The full line can be PLC touch screen operation or by manual.


              two cavity pvc pipe extrusion line.jpg

              Machine nameJYD-63 Two cavity pvc pipe extrusion line
              Extruder modelSJZ51/105, SJZ55/120, SJZ65/132
              Suitable pipe diameterΦ16, Φ 20, Φ 25, Φ 32, Φ 40, Φ 50, Φ 63
              Vacuum calibration tanktwo vacuum tank
              Haul-offstwo belt puller
              cuttingtwo non-sawdust cutting machine

              four cavity PVC pipe extrusion line.jpg

              Name of machineJYD-40 Four cavity PVC pipe extrusion line
              Extruder modelSJZ65/132
              Suitable pipe diameterΦ16, Φ 20, Φ 25, Φ 32, Φ 40
              Vacuum calibration tankfour vacuum tank
              Haul-offsFour belt puller
              CuttingFour Non-sawdust cutting machine

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